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After a week of PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Beta release and there were a lot of gossips about the season 7, the final release of PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 is here for Android and iOS users worldwide with a lot of more exciting features. Well, there are a lot of people who have gotten the latest PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 update or version, but some users are still looking for the new PUBG Mobile update. Hence, we are going to give you the PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 APK file for Android and iOS device which you can download and install right now on your android or smartphone and enjoy the new PUBG Mobile season 7 royale pass.

Have you enjoyed the beta version of the PUBG Mobile 0.12.5? If yes, then you may know a little bit about the new PUBG Mobile update of 0.12.5. And if you do not know anything then you will be happy to know there are some amazing never seen like consumes and avatars added in this 7th edition, a new gun and much you will love about the new PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 APK version. So, let’s see what is new in PUBG Mobile 0.12.5!

What’s new PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Version?

New Royale Pass Season is here with the new EZ Mission License, character beard, and parachute/flight trails.

New Weapon: Skorpion, a machine pistol that fires 9mm rounds. Drops in all maps.

Users can purchase items with BP

Added dedicated servers for gamers in Middle East.

The Subscription feature has been tuned.

Added category tabs to the Shop.

Adjusted audio to reduce interruptions.

Much more feature you can unlock by installing the latest PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 APK.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Battle core optimization: Restored end-game optimization: Added an electrostatic force field (blue circle), external damage superposition mechanism, when the player is farther away from the safe area (white circle), higher the damage of the electric field (blue circle) will be
  • The optimization of the reduction end-game: the air-raid simulation mechanism adjusts, in the rainforest map and the snow map, the area of the air raid area will shrink as the security area (white circle) shrinks;
  • The voice component is upgraded to provide better voice communication for players.
  • The corresponding model is added for the expansion of the MK47 assault rifle, the rapid impeachment, and the rapid expansion of the magazine; 
  • War mode optimization: 
    1) Spawning rate of submachine guns and assault rifles is the same now, and the number of initial carrying bullets has been doubled.
    2) Only Sniper Rifle to Come in AirDrop crate
  • Other optimizations of the war mode. 
  •  Resolved the problem in the shortcut command. “There is an enemy in front!”, the attached warning mark is reduced, faded, and the display time increased. The new mark used between teammates will no longer cause the previous mark to disappear. 
  • Optimized the shortcut command “I have supplies here!”, after the attached item mark disappears, the player can click the record in the chat record to display the item mark again; 
  • Optimized the sensitivity setting interface of the value slider touch area to solve the problem of accidental touch.
  • Optimized the experience message center, you can display the player’s name in the title of the sender, and can quickly invite the other team; 
  • Increased team display interface; 

All PUBG mobile gamers will also get 100 PR points for buying the royale pass and will be eligible for getting two new exclusive costumes known as Urban Scavenger or Assault Squad when they clear the level 100 in the Royale Pass. The Season 7 of the PUBG Mobile has also been out to bring in a new mission system which is known as Royale Pass EZ Mission License.

So, you don’t need to visit the Google Play Store or App Store to update the game to the latest update as there is in-game update available of size 201MB which you can update and enjoy the game. Once after updating to the latest version, if you see season 7 royale pass lock error then we must inform you that the new PUBG Mobile season 7 royale pass will begin tomorrow at 02:00 (UTC)!

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 APK Android

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 APK iPhone

Fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected on Bluestacks

There are a number of PUBG gamers who want to play PUBG Mobile on PC or Laptop, therefore, they give preference to Bluestacks android emulator. There is no doubt in saying that it is an ideal option for users and it provides you additional features to play it. It is the reason behind the error “Emulator Detected” and people who love to play it looking for the answer. They search for the best ways to Bypass Android emulator detection. This guide will help you to get your PUBG mobile emulator detected error fixed or solved. In this post, we are going to share the method or tip to fix Mobile Emulator detected on Bluestacks in PUBG game.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected on Bluestacks

Firstly, you need to know that if you come across “Android Emulator detected error” on the screen, do not think of it as an error. It is a notification, when the servers of Tencent detect android emulators, they will link you with the other users playing on android emulators. They do it in order to maintain the difficulty levels. It is clear cut that if you are playing on PC/computer and the other one is using mobile then you will win due to ease. That is the reason Tencent has used android emulator check on softwares like Bluestacks.

Note – The Method or tip that we are going to give you in this post will enable you to Play PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks Android Emulator without the “Emulator Detected” message. So Tencent may consider it offensive and your account could be blocked. Kindly Keep this in Mind before you do anything.

Bluestacks Android Emulator Detection Bypass for PUBG Mobile (2 Methods)

In this method, we are going to use an application that will enable Anti-emulator. So, let’s Get Started.

  • Open your Bluestacks Application
  • Click on “Install apk” and then select the location to Jamu Pubg apk file
  • Install the “Jamu PUBG” App with the help of the apk file
  • Once the App is Installed, Open it
  • Now, Click on the Box that is labeled as “Enable Anti-Emulator” and click Ok
  • Now, the PUBG game will continue and you will not see any notification on Bluestacks displaying “Android Emulator Detected”

Method 2:

If you are still facing PUBG Emulator detected on Bluestacks, Just follow these Steps:

  • Open Bluestacks emulator & visit the Android Settings
  • Then click on “Apps” Section and Click on “PUBG Mobile”
  • Then go to “Storage” and Delete Data & Cache of the app
  • Now Open “PUBG Mobile”. It will not detect android emulator and you will not see any notification too.

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Have you tried it? If yes, kindly share your experience.

If you know anything else, you can share it in the comment section.

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0

People have been waiting for this official update of PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 and after its release they will be able to play the most adventurous darkest mode. In this post, you will be able to download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 APK + OBB to get started. The size of this update 0120 update is 475 MB only. It means that it will not consume enough internet data. After getting the confirmation of this update, now we are going to add PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update download here.

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This update does not concern with your country, whether you live in the United States, India or any other country, you can get v0.12.0 with ease. Most of the game lovers may have got that latest update but if you have not received it this post is for you. here you can download the latest PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 APK version which has an updated zombie mode. It does not have darkest night mode but also have some more amendments as well which we are going to tell you in this post later.

See more:

What’s new on PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Update?

Before you download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 APK, you should have an overview of all the new features available in it. It will enable you to understand it and avoid confusion while playing it.

New Feature: EvoZone

– Replaces Event mode

– Survive Till Dawn is now under this mode

– More new modes will be included in the future

New EvoZone Mode: Darkest Night

– Stay alive for one night while fighting zombies

– All teams that are still alive at dawn will win

Changes to Survive Till Dawn:

– Stun Grenades now also stun zombies

– Added Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to freeze enemies and reduce their movement speed

– Added jumping zombies and zombie dogs

– Some zombies can now climb over low walls or onto roofs

– Added RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines

– Flamethrowers now deal more damage

– M134 handling has been tuned

– Gamers will gain affixes that provide certain buffs

– Zombies now move slower after being hit by firearms

– Added Survive Till Dawn quick chat messages to Default and Classic voice packs

– Daily missions can now be completed in Survive Till Dawn

– Users can now spectate matches that their friends, Crews or Clan members are currently in, and view others’ information while spectating as well as adjust Spectator Mode privacy settings

– Scope crosshair colors can now be changed in settings

– Portable Closets can now be swapped while in a match

– Spring Theme and Treasure is now available. Each draw guarantees a unique reward, and Sakura Dacia or Pink Rose Set is a guaranteed drop when drawing 10

– Popularity has been added to Spaces. Players can now show their support by giving LIKEs to one another, and become Partners with friends that have 400 Synergy or more. Partners will appear in each other’s Spaces

– Players can now add Shop items as Favorites and will get notification when these items are on sale

– Duplicated time-limited items will now be stacked to only show 1 icon per item with total amount of time remaining (maximum duration is 999 days)

– New Achievements: Best Companion, Superstar, Winning Culture, Adventurer, Until Dawn, and A Step Too Far

Other Improvements

– Automatic door-opening has been tuned

– Dynamic weather odds have been tuned

– More buildings have been added to Dino Park, Coal Mines and Goroka in Vikendi

– Crew Challenge qualifying round has been expanded, and top 10 teams now get unique outfits

– Emulator detection enhanced to stop emulator players from being matched with players on mobile devices

– Friend invitations now show map and lag information

– Quick Chat messages are now edited in Inventory

– Quick Chat messages can now be displayed as a wheel to make sending messages faster and easier

– Shadow effects can now be disabled to reduce resource consumption, heat and battery usage

– Added a reminder on dismantling duplicated items for Silver

– Previews are now available in some pages. Tap the reward icon to preview outfits

– Gallery now only show items currently in stock at the Shop

– Cloth Bandana (Leopard) with first purchase has ended. Rewards for first purchase of the season will be updated

– RP Backpack now remember settings from the previous season

– Mythic outfit emotes can now be heard by more players

– Included haptic feedback to some buttons

– Included animation for dropping empty magazines when reloading

– Animation for throwing grenades while prone has been tuned

– Animation added for opening/closing doors

– Fixed a bug where hair was not displayed correctly when equipping certain headgear

– Fixed a bug where Season 6 Pants caused graphic glitches in certain footgear

– Fixed a bug where doors were not shown properly

– Fixed a bug where players may get stuck in buildings in certain areas

Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 APK )

These were all the changes made in PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update. I hope that you liked it and will download this update and will enjoy the darkest night mode. You can share your experience of playing it under the post in the comment section.

Are we missing anything?

Do not hesitate to mention it and share this post with other players.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 APK

If you play PUBG Mobile on a regular basis then you may know that PUBG Mobile Chinese version is already two steps ahead of the global version. In this post, we are going to share how to download PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 APK Chinese version on your android/smartphone and iPhone. In this way, you will be able to enjoy all the new features including extreme cold mode which will make the gameplay more entertaining.

It does not matter where you live, whether you live in China or any other country this guide will allow you to download PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Chinese lightspeed version on your android phone. After testing it, we are aware of the fact that Chinese version works very smoothly and you can download and install PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 APK file on your smartphone and iOS device to get all the new features. The questions are:

What are the new features in PUBG 0.14.5 Mobile Update?

How to download and install PUBG Mobile 0145 Chinese version?

Let’s see.

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What’s new on PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update?

  • New Gun Bizon

It’s a buffalo submachine gun – large The ammunition capacity submachine gun which has 9mm bullets, a single-shot, fully automatic mode. It has 53 round in one clip.

  • Canted Sight- New Attachment

Independent accessories slots, can be equipped on most rifles, shooter rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns with upper rails. After attaching it with your weapon, you will come across new button of canted sight about the zoom in-out button.

  • New FPP Animation when you run with any SMG
  • New option to aim shoot with all weapon
  • Footprints included also to vehicle tracks.
  • Extreme Cold Mode – Vikendi

There is also a new Extreme Cold Mode included in the PUBG mobile 0.14.5 update in only Vikendi map. It’s like classic match, but there will be high storm of ice and you will have to survive those. There are also animal included in the Extreme Cold Mode of Vikendi and you can get rid of them and use their meat to survive the storm. The players can eat meat and use bonfire to get the heat. So, the main objective is to maintain the body temperature in the cold wind, and Nature Battle.

There are other minor things changes in the new PUBG 0140 update which you can see while following below process.

How To Download PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 Chinese Lightspeed Update

Step #1: Firstly, visit the and install the Android or iOS version of the application.

Step #2: Secondly, you need to download and install WeChat on your android. Make sure that you have completely setup WeChat account on your smartphone.

Step #3: Thirdly, you launch TapTap application on your smartphone and Search for PUBG Mobile game.

Step #4: Now you will be able to see few PUBG mobile versions. Click on each update to identify the Current Version with PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 CN like available in the below screen.

Step #5: Once you reach the right version of PUBG that is, PUBG Mobile 0.14.5, click on Download button at the right and install it on your android.

Note: If the previous method is not working then here is an Alternative download link of PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 APK + OBB for Android and iPhone

Step #6: After the successful installation of PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update, launch the new version and open WeChat by clicking its logo to log in using WeChat.

That’s it!

This is how you download PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 version and start playing it using WeChat.

Still having issues? Share them in the comment section.

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PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 APK

Now PUBG Mobile has more than 20 million users on a daily basis. In this post, we are going to display how to download PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 update on your android/smartphone and iPhone which has all-new dynamic weather. It also has plenty of features along with PUBG Snow map is also there.

After getting new day and night mode in PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 version now users are also feeling excited about the new 0905 version which is available in PUBG Mobile Season 4. It features dynamic weather and some other features too. PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 APK android version is available with PUBG Mobile dynamic weather update. Now you can get PUBG Mobile dynamic weather update on your iPhone and Smartphone right now. Now, you do not have to wait for that I am going to give you PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 APK file.

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How To Download PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 Update And Play Dynamic Weather and Hardcore Mode

Download PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 APK


The PUBG Mobile 095 update is about 137.83. After completing the downloading the PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 version on your android, if you are unable to log in then we recommend use WeChat account on your smartphone to log in.

What’s new on PUBG Mobile 0.9.5?

Major Changes

  • Included M762 automatic rifle, which is available on all maps. It is the first 7.62mm automatic rifle that accommodates stocks. It consists of 3 firing modes: single shot, triple shot, full-auto.
  • Included Scooter to Sanhok. This vehicle allows up to 2 players.
  • Added dynamic weather to Sanhok. Now the weather changes between sunny, rain and foggy randomly.
  • Included Hardcore Mode, where footstep sounds and audio cues are eradicated to resemble the computer experience. This mode will be found periodically in the shape of “Hardcore Week”.

Royale Pass Season 4

  • Included new firearm finishes, rare outfit rewards, new character faces and hairstyles as well. It also included 600 UC to Elite Pass rewards for users to buy the pass of next season.
  • Fine-tuned the redemption feature so Elite Pass holders can buy discounted items using BP or RP points.
  • Included Mission Cards for users to complete harder missions.
  • Included a Black Friday event where discounted backs are even cheaper for 3 days.
  • Added a system where the odds of getting certain crate items are increased dramatically for a limited amount of time. Stay tuned for additional information.

Other Improvements

  • Matchmaking and Chat now support not selecting the second language.
  • Optimized the Chat system to consume less RAM and keep more messages.
  • Tuned the front page of the shop to focus on weapon finish themes

Final Words

I am of the view that you have played the new Sanhok Map in PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 version. If yes, you can share your experience with us in the comment section.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 APK and enjoy it on your android and iPhone play PUBG Mobile 095 mobile version in advance and share your experience with us in the comment section.

Are we missing anything?

If yes, kindly tell us in the comment section.

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pubg mobile season 6 release date

As you know the PUBG season 5 is about to end and now the release date of PUBG Mobile season 6 has arrived. We have also discussed the topic of PUBG Mobile update or the latest version of PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta which is available for you for testing.

If you play PUBG then you will know that every new season of PUBG mobile comes with a lot of skins, emotions and costumes. You can get all of them by completing your daily missions or purchase them too. After spending in-game USs, you can also purchase or buy PUBG Mobile Elite Royal pass option as well. We give preference to buy these options using real money. You will be able to get PUBG Mobile Royal Season 6 along with the new update of PUBG 0.11.5 and it will be releasing on 19th to 21st March. Usually, they launch the new season on 21st so we expect that 6th season will be live from 21st March 2019.

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So the question is what is new in PUBG Mobile season 6?

Do you know?

In order to know about it, you should go through the 1st year anniversary trailer of PUBG Mobile where you will find new costumes, skins and emotes etc. when you talk about PUBG Mobile season 6, you need to remember that new PUBG song is also coming along with this season. We want to tell you that this new song of PUBG is by Alan Walker and it will be in season 6.

There are rumors too that the next update of PUBG mobile will be known as PUBG mobile anniversary update 0.11.5. Furthermore, in order to celebrate this anniversary they are giving away free costumes for limited time.

As the new update of PUBG Mobile Royal pass season contains new update of 0.11.5, you will get new weapons for replacement. The new weapon is G36C assault rifle which has 5.56MM ammo and will replace Scar-L in Vikendi map. Erangel and Miramar will also get new environment and the rain and fog will randomly change. In Sanhok map, there will be a new vehicle that is, Tukshai. Zombie mode will also come across minor changes.

Apart from the previous changes, new avatars are also coming. It includes avatar frames and a new badge for PUBG Mobile season 6 royal and elite passes.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Rewards:

  • Lucky Rabbit Set
  • L&Q Anniversary Set
  • New Parachute Skin when you reach Ace Level
  • 2 New Emotes
  • Golden m762 Skin
  • Elite Soldier Set

Are you excited about the new update of PUBG Mobile?

If yes, tell us your excitement in the comment section. In addition, if you want to share something else, write it in the comment section.

Do not forget to share this post and do not hesitate to share any other feature that is missing in this post.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta APK: New Weapons, New Vehicles & Many More

After completing the first year, now PUBG has come with the new release of PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 beta APK for Android as well as iOS users. After taking enough time, they have launched this version, nevertheless, they have finally released PUBG Mobile beta 0.11.5 version which is replete with features.  Let’s take an overview of the latest version of PUBG Mobile.

Since the release of Zombie mode of PUBG, people were waiting for something more exciting and here comes PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update. There are various rumors about PUBG Mobile latest version on YouTube channels and blogs. There was a discussion about new weapon, new mode and their expectations were at its prime. In the end, to fulfill their expectations, the latest version of PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 beta version is available with a lot of new features. Furthermore, it is their anniversary as well and in this post, we are going to share the features and APK download link of this version.

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  • How to Play PUBG Mobile in 60 FPS (Working Method)

Recently, PUBG mobile team tweeted that the new song is coming and we think that it will be launched with PUBG Mobile Season 6.

What is new on PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Version?

  • Dynamic weather included to Erangel and Miramar.
  • Introduced a new weapon: G36C rifle (Vikendi only). Fires 5.56 mm rounds and can be equipped with stocks. Replaces SCAR-L in Vikendi.
  • Included a new Sanhok-exclusive vehicle: Tukshai, a three-wheeled bus. It will replace the Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus.
  • Zombies will now enter a weakened state from time to time during the match. Please see in-game announcements for more information.
  • Make changes to some areas on the map where zombies could not enter.
  • Damage has been increased outside of safe zone at night.
  • Some resource drops have been adjusted.
  • Some zombie skills have been adjusted.
  • Vehicle fuel levels have been adjusted.
  • Quick chat message “I got supplies” is now pre-selected.
  • Outfit preview will send a warning when a piece being previewed is hidden by a currently equipped piece.
  • When previewing outfits from a new crate, the preview from the previous crate will now be removed.
  • Included tapping feedback to buttons of the main menu.
  • New avatars, outfits, and rewards available
  • You will be able to see the PUBG Mobile season 6 royal pass in the final version.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Download Link

Note: There are limited seats for PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 beta test, so you need to hurry to download PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 beta apk before it will get full.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta APK for Android

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta APK for iOS

So you can download APK of PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 beta version or update using the above link. People were also talking about the feature of converting BC to US but it was a rumor, there is a chance that we may see it in the final version. Until then, you can enjoy this version. Share your experience in the comment section.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC Using Memu Emulator

If you are a PUBG fan then you have gone through the live streaming of this game as well. When you see live streams, you get to know that most of the users play it on Android emulators.

If you also want to play PUBG mobile on PC, laptop and computer, Memu Android emulator is another choice for you to play. In this post, I am going to share with you the step by step guide to Play PUBG mobile on computer with the help of Memu play emulator.

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Minimum Requirements :

You need to ensure that your system has the following requirements. This will make sure the smoothest gameplay of PUBG Mobile on your laptop :

  • x86/x64 Processor (Intel or AMD CPU)
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  • Direct X 11 or Any Graphics Driver along with OpenGL 2.0
  • More than 2 GB of RAM
  • Minimum 3 GB of Free Space in Hard-disk

If your system is new then I am confident that you will have these required configurations. Even if you are using an old PC, you need to make sure that you fulfill all the requirements.

After matching the requirements, you are good to go.

PUBG Mobile on PC with Memu Play

Firstly, download and install the latest version of Memu play. Currently, the latest version, in my opinion, is 5.6.2 and you can get it by clicking here.

  • After downloading it, open the setup file after locating it to start the installation.
MemuPlay Installing
  • After completing the installation, Click on “Finish” button.
MemuPlay Installation Finish
  • Now Click the Launch Now button in order to launch the Memu Play Android Emulator
MemuPlay Installation Completed
  • It will take some time to load properly and it depends on your system specifications.
  • After loading, you will be redirected to the Home screen

Now, you can install PUBG Mobile on PC or Computer using Memu Play Emulator. There are 2 ways of doing it, firstly, you can download the application from Google play store or you need to get the APK file to upload the game data in OBB folder. So we are going to share both of them.

We prefer the second method because it is fast and easy in which you can transfer files in your Android with ease. If you will get it from Google play store then it will take some time due to the size of the file which is 1.7 GB. So, its your own choice, we are going to share both methods.

Installing PUBG Mobile in Memu Play From Google Play Store

  • Open Memu Play emulator and Click on “Play Store” icon.
MemuPlay After Installation
  • Now, Click on Sign in and Enter your Gmail data
playstore sign in
  • After logging in, you will be able to access play Store
  • Simply Type “PUBG” in the search bar and press enter.
download pubg from playstore
  • Now Click on “Install” to begin the Download process
  • After downloading, PUBG Game will be installed automatically.

Install PUBG Mobile on Memu Play Emulator With APK or Offline Method

  • Firstly, you need to get the latest .apk file of PUBG Mobile. You can download it from HERE
  • Now, you require “OBB Data”. This is Game Data which is available in a Folder named “”
  • If you have already installed PUBG Mobile on your Android phone, you can transfer this file from there. If not, you have to get this File from HERE
  • Connect your Android/Smartphone to your computer/laptop. Go to “Phone Storage” >> “Android” >> “obb” >> “com.tencent.ig”
  • Now Copy this Folder and the .apk file and Paste them on “Desktop”
  • Now this Folder and apk file, Should be moved to the “Memu Play Shared Download” Folder. Usually, you can find the folder here: “C:\Users\”PC Name”\Downloads\MEmu Download”
  • Paste the Folder and .apk file in this Folder
  • You can get access to these files using Memu Play by Opening the File Manager and visit the “Download” Folder
  • Firstly, you need to Install the .apk file by clicking on it
  • Click on “Install” to Start the Installation process & wait for the Installation to complete
  • After installation, you will come across “App Installed” Notification
  • Click on “Done”, Don’t click on “Open” Right Now
  • Now Go back to the “Download” Folder and Open the Folder named “com.tencent.ig”. You will see a file with title of “”.
  • You need to create a Folder named “Obb” under the “Android” folder and copy the “com.tencent.ig” folder to this new “Obb” Folder.

Note : In order to transfer files you have to Install “ES File Explorer”. When the transfer gets completed, you can start playing the game by clicking on PUBG Mobile.

That’s it. This is how you will play PUBG mobile on PC using Memuplay Android Emulator.

Conclusion : 

There are plenty of Android Emulators available in the Market which you can use to play PUBG Mobile on your Laptop or Personal Computer. Memu Play Android emulator is one of the top emulators which you should use.


How To Play PUBG Mobile in 60FPS

After the launch of this famous game PUBG for mobiles, the people are getting an amazing experience of gaming using android or smartphones. Therefore, the manufacturers of mobiles are paying attention to make device for this game. If you are using a good device including OnePlus 6, Galaxy S9 or any other which has Snapdragon 845, it means that you can Play PUBG in 60 FPS. If you cannot afford an expensive phone but want to Play PUBG mobile in 60 FPS then this post is for you. We have found a tip and trick to improve the FPS gameplay of PUBG mobile.

It does not depend on the device you are using, you need to ensure that you are using android phone which has 4.3 or above version. TSOML developers have come up with a third party tool that is, “GFX Tool” that enables the users to play PUBG in 60 FPS using smartphone. This action has been taken to get better experience and performance of PUBG mobile. This GFX tool PUBG is made to play PUBG Mobile in 60FPS and it is easy to use and it improves FPS of the game too. All you have to do is to install it on your smart phone and configure it to enjoy PUBG in 60FPS.

If you are unable to configure it then we have provided full tutorial for you to download and install GFX tool on smart phone to enjoy it in better graphics.

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Play PUBG Mobile On Android Device with 60 FPS Settings

Do not worry, GFX tool is available free of cost which you can download for android or smart phone. Here we are showing the latest version of GFX tool for PUBG mobile new update.

Note: The user does not have to root his/her Android device to use GFX tool. In addition, for your kind information we must inform you that you will not even get banned for using GFX tool PUBG for PUBG.

Step #1: First of all, Download and Install GFX tool APK from Google Play Store.

Step #2: Launch GFX tool.

Step #3: Now configure the settings where you can configure the Resolution, Graphic, FPS, Style, and other setting according to your requirement.

Step #4: Next, click to Accept and “Run Game”

Step #5: Now you can play PUBG mobile on your android with 60 FPS graphics. In this way, you will improve the performance of PUBG mobile game and it does not require enough time.

Everything is fine.


I hope that you have got all the information you need and it will improve the performance and experience of PUBG Mobile to 60FPS using GFX tool. After playing PUBG in 60FPS do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.

If you want to see the latest updates of PUBG mobile then you should keep visiting our website more often. Do you have to tell us anything new about PUBG mobile? If yes, tell us in the comment section.

pubg mobile without android emulator detected

I have discussed different ways of using PUBG Mobile on PC. At times, when you are playing it on computer, you may have faced the error message “Android Emulator Detected”. Our readers have indicated that error and asked us to tell the method to Play PUBG Mobile on PC without Android emulator detection. Therefore, if you are facing this problem then this guide will help you to bypass Android Emulator detection in PUBG.

We have tried our best to find the best way and we have found it. In this post, we shall be discussing the trick or tips to Play PUBG Mobile version on computer without the error “Android Emulator Detected” message. So go ahead and read the post.

Bypass “PUBG Mobile Android Emulator Detector” ON PC

Whenever you use an Android Emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC then the server of PUBG connects you automatically to the users who are playing it on Android emulator. It means that you will not be able to connect to your dear ones like family and friends who are playing PUBG on their smartphones or Android. But this trick will help you to uplift or remove that limitation. This tip will enable you to connect yourself with your friends and family who are using Android phone to play PUBG while you will be playing it on PC.

Minimum Requirements:

  • More than 3 GB Ram
  • Free Hard Disk Space of more than 3 GB
  • LD player Android Emulator

We have mentioned an Android emulator for you above which will help you to play PUBG Mobile on PC. Furthermore, you will not face that Android Emulator detected message again.

Download & Install LD Player:

  • Firstly, You need to Download LD Player from Clicking Here
  • After downloading it, open up the Set up file and Click on the Install button
  • Now the Installation will start
  • When the Installation process Completes, Click on”Try it Now”

Play PUBG Mobile on Computer/PC without  “Android Emulator Detected”

  • At this point, we think that you have downloaded and installed LD Player successfully with the help of our guide.
  • Now Open the LD Player, Open the Google Play Store to Sign in with the help of your Gmail Account
  • Next Step is to Download & Install PUBG Mobile
  • You can Either install it from Google play store method or manually by loading and installing .apk file and copying obb data
  • After completion, you will see “PUBG Mobile” icon
  • Click on it to Start the Game
  • Now you can Enjoy PUBG mobile on PC without facing the “Android Emulator Detected” Notification or error.

UPDATE – There are some Users who are saying that they are still having “Android Emulator Detector” Message. If you are also facing same issue, Continue Reading

  • Open LD Player and Click on “apk” and then select the directory of “Jamu PUBG” apk file
  • After installation, open the Jamu PUBG Link and Click on “Enable Anti Emulator” option to check it
  • That is all. Now you are Good to Go !

I hope that these 2 methods will work for you to get rid of “Android Emulator Detected” error or notification.

Am I missing anything?

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