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Download “PUBG Mobile Lite” apk | Latest Version (0.9.0)

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This post is dedicated to PUBG lovers who are unable to play PUBG mobile due to the budget issues so they should switch to PUBG mobile lite. PUBG mobile lite is the lite version of PUBG Mobile that helps you to play it on LOW end smartphones/android devices.

You will certainly like the Lite version of PUBG. The features of Lite version are:

  • 40 Players Match
  • Smaller Maps

The rest of the functions are alike to regular version of PUBG Mobile.

In this post, I am going to tell you how to Download PUBG Mobile Lite apk file. Let’s Get Started.

PUBG Mobile Lite apk Download

If you are facing problems while you start download PUBG Mobile lite on Google Play store then you can get the APK file in order to install it on your smartphone. To start installation, you need to visit the settings where you have to “Allow the installation of apps from sources other than Play Store”. You can find these settings in device administration settings.

  • You can Download the Latest PUBG Mobile Lite Version apk file by CLICKING HERE
  • Install the PUBG Mobile Lite .apk
  • Find the Downloaded file with the help of any File Manager
  • Double tap the .apk file to start the Installation process

Note: First of all, you need to allow “installation of apps from sources other than Google Play store”, do it first before you begin.

  • Once the Installation Completes, Tap on “Open”
  • Now the Lite Version of PUBG Mobile will start
  • Create your own User Profile to play it

CONCLUSION : PUBG Mobile Lite is another option for users who have Low-End Android or Smartphone. Therefore, if your android is unable to play PUBG mobile because of its limited resources, you can swap it with PUBG mobile Lite version to get the best experience of gaming.

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