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Fix PUBG Mobile Lite “Server Busy” / “Restrict -Area” Error Right Now!

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Recently, people have been asking about the solution of an error “Server is Busy Please Try Again Later. Error Code : restrict area” on PUBG mobile lite. Many gamers are reporting this error. Furthermore, some gamers are also experiencing “download resources” error as well.

Do not worry, we are here to help you with this issue. In this post, I am going to share the cause of this error and also tell you the solution of this problem.

Cause: This error occurs due to Tencent because it has not made the lite version available for all the countries around the globe. It means that if your country does not support the lite version now then you will see this error in front of you. Do not worry, we have provided the solution below now:

PUBG Mobile Lite “Server Busy”/”Restrict-Area” Error Fix

The only way to get the solution of this error or resolve it to begin playing “PUBG mobile Lite” from the country or region where the usage of this application is allowed. In order to perform this task, you need to Get a VPN aka Virtual Private Network. There are a number of VPN softwares which you can find on Google Play store and they will also be helpful.

Here are the Steps:

  • First of all, Download a Good Free VPN
  • After downloading it in your Android Device, Go to – “Settings>>Apps”, then find “Play Store” in the App list. 
  • Click “Force Stop” in Store and Delete “Data” and “Cache” available in the Storage Section
  • Now Open your Virtual private network and choose country of your choice including “Philippines” or “Brazil”, after connecting it, Open Google Play Store
  • Now Search for the term “PUBG Mobile Lite”, if you come across it in the Play Store, it means that you have solved the issue, if not, try again with using another territory
  • When you download PUBG mobile Lite, you need to ensure that you are connected to VPN. 

You will not face “Server Busy” or “Restrict-Area” Error from now on.

If Lite version of PUBG is not available on Google play store then you should, TRY THIS 

If you do not get access to Lite Version of PUBG using Google play store, then you should download PUBG mobile Lite APK then connect a VPN using your desired country if it is not available in your country.

After doing so, if you are unable to resolve the issue then you need to change your VPN. I hope that after doing it, you will not come across “Restrict Area” and “Server Busy” error.

PUBG Mobile Lite Error “Restrict-Area” | Fix By Changing DNS Method

After trying VPN method, if it is still not working then you have to change your DNS manually. In order to perform this task, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download “DNS Changer” App from Google Play Store
  • Now Open the Application and Choose “Custom DNS”
  • Now, in the DNS Section Enter “” & again “”
DNS Changer
  • Click on “Begin” to Connect with the help of this Custom DNS
  • Now, Open PUBG Mobile Lite and Start Playing it without Any Error

Note: There are some users who report “Resources Error’ after downloading PUBG mobile lite application. This error occurs due to the Corrupted OBB data. In order to fix this issue, download APKpure app on your Smartphone and install PUBG Mobile Lite XAPK (apk +OBB Data).

Set Custom Fields in the DNS Section in the DNS Changer Application (Mentioned Above) and Open the Application. The Error should be fixed after doing these steps.


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Still having troubles?

Leave them in the comment section, do you know anything new to fix these errors? Do not forget to share with us.

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