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PUBG Mobile Season 5 Royale Pass

Recently, Tencent emulator has launched the new update 0.10.5 which indicates the season 5. This new update is replete with new features, outfits, weapons, emojis and vehicles. This post will show you all the updates available in PUBG mobile season 5.

People are desperately waiting for zombie mode which is not available in season 5 update. You do not worry about because it will be released soon and it is also expected from Tencent.

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Royale Pass

New season 5 Royale Pass is introduced in the latest update. The users who wish to play it can get it by going through Royale Pass Section. It also contains new rewards in which we can include premium outfits and exciting emotes.

Here are Some Additional Features of PUBG Mobile Season 5 Update :

  • New Rifle (MK47 Mutant)
  • New Attachment, Laser Sight for Better Accuracy
  • Vikendi Map now provides the Option to the Gamers to Add their Custom gameplay Rooms
  • Users Now have the Option to get rid of announcements by  Turning them Off (“Welcome to PUBG Mobile, “We Will be Taking Off Soon”) in the Settings

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Release Date

The PUBG Mobile Season 5 is introduced from 21st of January 2019.

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Royale Pass:  Rewards List

  • New Thumbs Up Emote
  • New SKS Skin
  • New Robo Dance Emote
  • New on the Ground Emote
  • New Outfits etc.

Let’s have an overview of the New Emotes

PUBG Mobile Season 5 Update Dance Emotes

I am of the view that this post will provide you enough information about PUBG mobile season 5 and its release date is also available. In addition, we have also discussed all the features.

Are we missing anything?

Leave your comment below to let us know.

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Download PUBG Mobile Lite apk

This post is dedicated to PUBG lovers who are unable to play PUBG mobile due to the budget issues so they should switch to PUBG mobile lite. PUBG mobile lite is the lite version of PUBG Mobile that helps you to play it on LOW end smartphones/android devices.

You will certainly like the Lite version of PUBG. The features of Lite version are:

  • 40 Players Match
  • Smaller Maps

The rest of the functions are alike to regular version of PUBG Mobile.

In this post, I am going to tell you how to Download PUBG Mobile Lite apk file. Let’s Get Started.

PUBG Mobile Lite apk Download

If you are facing problems while you start download PUBG Mobile lite on Google Play store then you can get the APK file in order to install it on your smartphone. To start installation, you need to visit the settings where you have to “Allow the installation of apps from sources other than Play Store”. You can find these settings in device administration settings.

  • You can Download the Latest PUBG Mobile Lite Version apk file by CLICKING HERE
  • Install the PUBG Mobile Lite .apk
  • Find the Downloaded file with the help of any File Manager
  • Double tap the .apk file to start the Installation process

Note: First of all, you need to allow “installation of apps from sources other than Google Play store”, do it first before you begin.

  • Once the Installation Completes, Tap on “Open”
  • Now the Lite Version of PUBG Mobile will start
  • Create your own User Profile to play it

CONCLUSION : PUBG Mobile Lite is another option for users who have Low-End Android or Smartphone. Therefore, if your android is unable to play PUBG mobile because of its limited resources, you can swap it with PUBG mobile Lite version to get the best experience of gaming.

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Error 495 in PUBG Mobile

Many players are reporting that they are experiencing a problem when they download PUBG mobile from Play store. This error is “Error 95”.  The entire message of the error is “Google Play store could not download due to Error 95”. In this post, I am going to discuss about this error for the sake of PUBG mobile users. You will get the solution and be able to resolve the issue in a couple of minutes. After doing so, you will be enjoying PUBG mobile believe me.

PUBG Mobile Download Error – “Error 495” Play Store

There are some PUBG mobile users who are facing error 495 when they update or download the app from the Play Store.

Following reasons can be the causes of this Error:

1: Unstable WiFi Connection – If your WiFi Connection is not stable, you may come across this error. That is why you need to ensure that you connect to a network which is stable (speed does not fluctuate frequently).

2: Connection Timed Out to Google Play Servers : When the connection times out during the process of downloading, you will come across this error. In simple words, if your network cannot connect to the Google play store servers, it may occur.

Excluding the previous two causes, sync fail can also lead to this error.

So, finding a solution to PUBG download error 495, it is possible that you are facing the issues I have discussed above. Still having issues to fix it? Do not worry I shall help you to get rid of this issue. Let’s find out how to fix 495 error in PUBG mobile to get rid of it.

Fix PUBG Mobile Error 495

Method 1 : Most Likely It Will Work

  • First of all, In your smartphone, Go to “Settings” >> “Apps” >> “Google Play Store”
  • When you click on “Google Play Store” in the Apps Section, you will find plenty of options including “Force Stop”, “Uninstall Updates”, “Disable”, “Clear Data”, “Clear Cache”.
  • You need to hit “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. After doing it, you need to Make Sure that After doing so you see “0 KB” in Storage & Cache
  • Now, Open Google Play Store Again and try Downloading “PUBG Mobile” again. 
  • It is possible that the Error will get resolved now. if not, Again Go to “Play Store” in the Apps Section and click on “Uninstall Updates” and Try Downloading PUBG once again. 

Method 2 : If Method 1 Doesn’t Work

  • If the First Method is not working (it seldom happens), you need to Follow these Steps:
  • In Your smartphone Device, Visit “Settings” >> “Accounts”>> “Google”. You need to remove your Gmail/Google account from here
  • Again go to Same Settings Page and this time you need to Enter your Gmail Account
  • Restart/Reboot your Android, Accept the Terms and Conditions and set Google Settings according to your Likings.
  • Now, go to the play Store and search the term PUBG mobile and try Installing “PUBG Mobile”.

I am confident that PUBG Mobile Error 495 will be fixed by now. If Method 1 is not working Surely method 2 will work. Once the App is Downloaded & installed, You can Enjoy it without any Errors.


Do you have anything to solve 495 PUBG Mobile error?

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PUBG Mobile Valentine’s Day Special Gift

Tencent Team has announced the special outfits for girls and boys on PUBG Mobile Valentine’s day. Yes, it is right they have come up with this idea to make the valentine day special by introducing costume items. In this way, it also compliments the day of love. It includes many items available in pink, red, and white color schemes.

So if you are a PUBG fan, it is a good news for you. You can celebrate your Valentine day of 2019 using the costumes of PUBG Mobile whether you are male or female. You can get one.

The new outfits include killer angel set which is available in red color and it is a leather costume with a white top and wings. It has a smiley heart and it is giant one which you wear on the top with deadly sweetheart with heart shaped antennas. In addition, there are two pink colored gun skins and deadly sweetheart QBU too.

Furthermore, the team of PUBG mobile has also released the new trailer for the sake of valentine day costumes as they tweeted “There is no room for love on the battleground”. They get an airdrop and attacked by a shooter and they get rid of attacker and drop a smoke grenade to get rid of more players heading towards the drop.

PUBG mobile zombie mode is currently on hold because PUBG mobile 0.11.0 beta version is available. PUBG mobile zombie mode will be published and updated in the last week of February 2019. Therefore, the players have to wait for two more weeks to get it in PUBG mobile.

Until then, you can enjoy the event of Valentine day using their designed costumes for boys and girls to enjoy the festival. It is a special gift from PUBG mobile for their players.

Fix PUBG Mobile Lite Server Bussy Error

Recently, people have been asking about the solution of an error “Server is Busy Please Try Again Later. Error Code : restrict area” on PUBG mobile lite. Many gamers are reporting this error. Furthermore, some gamers are also experiencing “download resources” error as well.

Do not worry, we are here to help you with this issue. In this post, I am going to share the cause of this error and also tell you the solution of this problem.

Cause: This error occurs due to Tencent because it has not made the lite version available for all the countries around the globe. It means that if your country does not support the lite version now then you will see this error in front of you. Do not worry, we have provided the solution below now:

PUBG Mobile Lite “Server Busy”/”Restrict-Area” Error Fix

The only way to get the solution of this error or resolve it to begin playing “PUBG mobile Lite” from the country or region where the usage of this application is allowed. In order to perform this task, you need to Get a VPN aka Virtual Private Network. There are a number of VPN softwares which you can find on Google Play store and they will also be helpful.

Here are the Steps:

  • First of all, Download a Good Free VPN
  • After downloading it in your Android Device, Go to – “Settings>>Apps”, then find “Play Store” in the App list. 
  • Click “Force Stop” in Store and Delete “Data” and “Cache” available in the Storage Section
  • Now Open your Virtual private network and choose country of your choice including “Philippines” or “Brazil”, after connecting it, Open Google Play Store
  • Now Search for the term “PUBG Mobile Lite”, if you come across it in the Play Store, it means that you have solved the issue, if not, try again with using another territory
  • When you download PUBG mobile Lite, you need to ensure that you are connected to VPN. 

You will not face “Server Busy” or “Restrict-Area” Error from now on.

If Lite version of PUBG is not available on Google play store then you should, TRY THIS 

If you do not get access to Lite Version of PUBG using Google play store, then you should download PUBG mobile Lite APK then connect a VPN using your desired country if it is not available in your country.

After doing so, if you are unable to resolve the issue then you need to change your VPN. I hope that after doing it, you will not come across “Restrict Area” and “Server Busy” error.

PUBG Mobile Lite Error “Restrict-Area” | Fix By Changing DNS Method

After trying VPN method, if it is still not working then you have to change your DNS manually. In order to perform this task, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download “DNS Changer” App from Google Play Store
  • Now Open the Application and Choose “Custom DNS”
  • Now, in the DNS Section Enter “” & again “”
DNS Changer
  • Click on “Begin” to Connect with the help of this Custom DNS
  • Now, Open PUBG Mobile Lite and Start Playing it without Any Error

Note: There are some users who report “Resources Error’ after downloading PUBG mobile lite application. This error occurs due to the Corrupted OBB data. In order to fix this issue, download APKpure app on your Smartphone and install PUBG Mobile Lite XAPK (apk +OBB Data).

Set Custom Fields in the DNS Section in the DNS Changer Application (Mentioned Above) and Open the Application. The Error should be fixed after doing these steps.


  • How to Play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC

Still having troubles?

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PUBG Mobile For PC With Bluestacks Android Emulator

Do you want to play PUBG mobile on your PC with the help of an Android emulator? Do not worry you can play PUBG on PC using Bluestacks emulator.

In the beginning, PUBG was only available on the desktop operating system aka PCs. Then comes PUBG mobile. So, there are two types of gamers, one who wants to play PUBG mobile and the others are willing to play the PC version of PUBG.

It was but not now because people are looking for the third type of access. Yes, they want to play PUBG mobile on PC. So, in this guide, I am going to show you how to play PUBG mobile on PC using Bluestacks which is an android emulator.

You might be asking yourself the common question that if PUBG PC version is available then why are people searching for tricks and trips to play PUBG mobile on PC. The main reason of doing is that PUBG mobile is free of cost. Whereas if you want to play real PUBG PC version, you need to pay some bucks to play it. So, it is clear that is why I am writing this guide.

If you want to play PUBG using Bluestacks then you need to go through this whole post first.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC With Bluestacks

What do you need?

Android emulator is an essential software you need to get in order to play PUBG mobile on computer/laptop. Android emulators have the ability to create such environment that allows you to enjoy and Android on your PC. With the help of Bluestacks, one can use android games, apps. Apart from Bluestacks there are several other android emulators are available in the market. In this post, we shall stick to this one only.

Why using Bluestacks

  • BlueStacks runs the game on Android Nougat 7.1 that is the reason it provides good experience along with better graphics.

You may be able to enjoy PUBG game on android emulators but you may experience troubles using it. It includes the problems like black screen, lagging and game drops etc. These problems do not occur everytime so do not worry about them.

In addition, you need to keep in mind that if you are playing it with the help of an android emulator, your competitors will also be using emulator as well. It means that you will come across fair game play.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • You need Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and above.
  • Processor:  Intel or AMD Processor.
  • RAM: Your PC must have more than 2GB of RAM. (Note if you have 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)
  • Hard disk: 4GB Free Disk Space
  • You must be an Administrator on your computer 
  • Update your graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset

How to setup PUBG Mobile on BlueStacks 4

If you want to run it on Bluestacks you should install BlueStacks 4 (latest version). Download it From Here

  • After downloading it, Install Bluestacks
  • Click on Bluestacks Icon to open the bluestacks Engine
  • Now, Login Using your Gmail Account
  • Open up “Google Play Store” and enter the term PUBG

Note: You can Also Use Offline Method, you need to Install .apk file & Upload Data to Android/obb folder.

Important Settings

Go to “Settings” Section and match the settings:

  • Set Display to 1280×720. 
  • Run graphics on “OpenGL”
  • Set on High DPI
  • Configure CPU Cores to 2 or Higher
  • Set Ram to At least 2000

That is it, this is how you install PUBG mobile for PC using Bluestacks 4 version.

Having troubles?

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Download PUBG on Mac

If you are looking for PUBG mobile on Mac, it means that you are using Mac operating system. So, it is the right place to know how to Download PUBG on Mac. You have already seen PUBG on PC with the help of best android emulators.

Now you are looking for the answer of the question that how to play PUBG mobile on Mac?

Isn’t it?

Well, it is a simple task and you will start playing it after going through this post. You have to follow the steps which are provided in this guide to get started.

Play PUBG Mobile on Mac

I am going to tell you two ways to play PUBG mobile on Mac operating system. In the first method, you need a compatible android emulator and the second option is to use the virtual machine. Select the method and you will get the details in this post.

Method 1: How to Play PUBG on Mac using Android Emulator

What do we need?

  1. First of all, you need Mac device or operating system. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the compatibility, it is due to the fact that Mac versions are compatible with android emulators. You may be using Mac os X or any other version.
  2. Secondly, you need to get an android emulator to get started, find the suitable, I will be using ‘Memu Android Emulator’ for it.

How to Download PUBG Mobile on Mac OS

Currently, there is no official emulator available for Mac operating system. Tencent Gaming buddy is the only emulator that supports it on Windows and PC. After long testing, we have come across the best emulator to play PUBG mobile on Mac and the name of the emulator is Mumu.

Click here to Download Mumu Emulator for Mac

Steps to Play PUBG Mobile on Mac OS with the help of an Android Emulator

  • First of all, you need to download and Install the emulator, Open MUMU emulator on your Mac
  • Click on the Mumu emulator Shortcut to Open this application
download pubg mobile on mac

Note – MUMU Player for Mac only available in the Chinese Language. I am giving you the link to understand all the Steps, Click Here

  • Once you reach the “Dashboard” section then Download “apkpure” app
  • Once “Apkpure” app is installed, open it to Download “PUBG Mobile app”
  • When the Download Completes, you will see PUBG Mobile Shortcut available on the Dashboard
  • Now open the application, Login with the help of Facebook or Twitter (Social media accounts) or as a guest and begin Playing PUBG Mobile on your Mac operating system

Method 2: Using Virtual Machine or Parallels Desktop

Play PUBG Mobile on Mac Operating System using “Parallel Desktop” 


“Parallels Desktop” is a software that allows you to build a virtual environment within your Mac device. It is similar to “Virtual Box” that is available in Windows.

  • Download & Install “Parallels Desktop” on your Mac OS or device
  • After installation, Open the “Parallels Desktop” tool and Install Windows 7 / Windows 8 or Windows 10, it is your choice
  • Now get access to the available Windows within “Parallels Desktop”.
  • Download & Install Tencent Gaming Buddy
  • Now, you can play PUBG Mobile on Mac with the help of Tencent Gaming Buddy using “Parallels Desktop”

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 An Overview of PUBG Mobile Hardcore Mode

Final Words:

So, this is it. These are the two methods which I know about playing PUBG mobile on Mac OS. If you have any suggestions about download PUBG on Mac. Feel free to share with us in the comment section.

PUBG Mobile On PC

In this post, I am going to tell you how to download PUBG mobile on PC or for PC.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC Free

PUBG is becoming famous around the globe and there is no doubt in saying that it is one of the best games. It can be played on a number of platforms that is why it has become so popular in such a short time. You can access it on your mobile, PC (Android + iOS) platforms. Tencent is the company that is involved in launching PUBG. They want to make sure that everybody can access it.

PUBG also has a mobile version and it is called PUBG Mobile. There are several players who discuss the difficulty level of PUBG on Mobile & PC. When you play it on your mobile device, it is easy to play. When it comes to PC version, you will find it difficult and competitive.

If you want to access the PC version of PUBG then you have to buy the game on steam.

There are a number of gamers who want to know how to Download PUBG Mobile on PC. Well, do not worry, there is a legal way to play PUBG mobile on PC. Yes, it is true, you can Download PUBG Mobile on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP and Vista. I am going to write several tricks and methods which you can use to play mobile version of PUBG on your computer, laptop and PC.

PUBG Gameplay

This game has become famous among the gamers within the time frame of a few months and that is why it has millions of users around the world and people like to play it.

When you spawn in PUBG, 100 users are taken off on the island using parachutes. In this island, they have to fight with one another till the end. Every user wants to live till the end in order to win the game.

The users can play alone as well as a team, its their choice. They hunt for weapons, loot homes, get armor and several necessary items which can be used in fighting. When the game is over, the user gets the game-currency and it is calculated on the base of killing and time of survival in the game. The currency you earn while playing it will be used to purchase weapons and other resources available in the game.

So it was the gameplay now let’s get to know the founder of this famous game.

Who is The Founder of PUBG?

Brandon Green holds all the credit due to the fact that he is director as well as designer of the game. It is also famous for Player Unknown which is present in online stage.

When you take a look at his career, he was not a game designer. He is Irish-born graphic designer, photographer and web designer who love to play games. He used to work in Brazil and also living there.

He is a fan of a number of video games including America’s army, Black Hawk Down and Delta Force. He was inspired by enjoying the game known as DAY’Z and then came up with a decision of working in game industry. Furthermore, he was also impressed by Japanese film known as Battle Royale.

Brandon started learning programming before he entered this industry and started finding the loopholes in the games and started to change them.

Sony Online entertainment was impressed by his thinking, therefore, they incorporated for the development of H101 games using his company.

After completing his task, he farewell Sony. There was another person who had the same thinking like Brandon and his name was Chang Hang Kim and he belonged to South Korea. He had a company there and GINNO Games was the name of the company.

In January 2015, it’s name changed to Blue Hole. At that time, Chang was thinking about making a royal battle game that is why he started research.

In doing so, he came to know about Brandon and his potential. He called Brandon and brought him to South Korea.

After that, they began work with 1 year of deadline. They used 35 developers to develop the game but additional developers were required so they doubled the developers and made it 70.

In March 2017, they launched the beta version of the game and it was also liked by the users. On December 20th 2017, finally they have launched PUBG on PC and in February 2018, they launched PUBG for Android and iOS platforms.

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PUBG Mobile For PC | Download Free on (Windows 7,8,10) 

As I told you earlier that the actual PC version of this game is different from mobile version. You can access it on steam, so you have to spend some money to enjoy it. But if you want to play mobile version then you can play it free of cost. In this post, I am going to tell you how to do this.

First of all, you need to know that Download PUBG mobile on PC and PUBG PC version are two different things. So do not mix them otherwise, you will get confused.

Requirements for Playing PUBG Mobile on Laptop, PC & Computer

To Download “PUBG Mobile” for your PC, you need to make sure that you have :

  • Any PC, laptop or Desktop Computer (32 or 64 Bit) with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Macbook, Mac Desktop along with Minimum 2 GB of RAM &  At least 2 GB of Free Hard-disk Space
  • Good Android Emulator Software to run it
  • High-Speed Internet Connection for fast experience

Download PUBG Mobile on Laptop/Desktop PC

The name of PUBG mobile shows that it is made for mobile phones only. Apart from this fact, there are several users who want to play it on their PC, laptop and computer. Let’s see the pros of playing it on your computer:

  • You can access the Same Game on Bigger Screen
  • Playing on Bigger Screen will give you benefit because you will be able to track and identify your foes and kill them faster
  • The game will run Smoothly because desktop computers have a much higher configuration, graphic cards as compared to Mobiles
  • It is free of cost – you do not need to pay a penny
  • Easy Controls using Keyboard & Mouse


Tencent promotes fair gameplay. Therefore, when the gamers who want to play PUBG Mobile on PC with the help of Android Emulator are matched with similar players. You can call it one of the cons of download PUBG Mobile on PC, but it’s a Good Step.

 Download PUBG Mobile Free on Windows (7, 8, 8.1,10) Laptop PC

People usually use personal computer aka PC or laptop and Windows are part of it and Mac is also in the list. There are a number of versions available for Windows operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Every windows support 32 bit (X86) and 64 bit versions.

You have to follow several steps which are essential to get PUBG installed on your PC. Follow these steps to start using PUBG mobile on your laptop, or computer including desktop versions.

  • Firstly, you need to Download & Install the best android emulators for PC
  • After installation, you need to Login into “Google Play store” to Install “PUBG Mobile.”
  • With a Few clicks, You will be Able to play PUBG Mobile Game on your PC/Computer

As I told you earlier that you need to follow the steps, they will remain the same but it depends on the operating system you are using. Therfore, the settings may differ from one another. So I am writing this post so you can go through all the necessary steps for Windows version and Mac systems.

Best Ways to Download & Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Tencent is an ideal software that allows the users to install PUBG mobile for PC or laptop. In addition, there are several android emulators such as Bluestacks will help you to use it on your PC as well. Some of you may like Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator and if you are already using Bluestacks, you will use it again. It depends on your own choice.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC using Bluestacks Android Emulator

Final Words:

PUBG mobile is a new game which is becoming famous among the gamers by and by. You will have to fight with a number of people which can give you tough time in the arena. Most of the users of PUBG are from India.

So you can download PUBG mobile on PC by using an android emulator.

Still having troubles?

Do not hesitate to share the problems about PUBG mobile for PC in the comment section.

Do not forget to share this post with PUBG fans.

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