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How To Play PUBG Mobile in 60FPS [100% Working Method]

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After the launch of this famous game PUBG for mobiles, the people are getting an amazing experience of gaming using android or smartphones. Therefore, the manufacturers of mobiles are paying attention to make device for this game. If you are using a good device including OnePlus 6, Galaxy S9 or any other which has Snapdragon 845, it means that you can Play PUBG in 60 FPS. If you cannot afford an expensive phone but want to Play PUBG mobile in 60 FPS then this post is for you. We have found a tip and trick to improve the FPS gameplay of PUBG mobile.

It does not depend on the device you are using, you need to ensure that you are using android phone which has 4.3 or above version. TSOML developers have come up with a third party tool that is, “GFX Tool” that enables the users to play PUBG in 60 FPS using smartphone. This action has been taken to get better experience and performance of PUBG mobile. This GFX tool PUBG is made to play PUBG Mobile in 60FPS and it is easy to use and it improves FPS of the game too. All you have to do is to install it on your smart phone and configure it to enjoy PUBG in 60FPS.

If you are unable to configure it then we have provided full tutorial for you to download and install GFX tool on smart phone to enjoy it in better graphics.

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Play PUBG Mobile On Android Device with 60 FPS Settings

Do not worry, GFX tool is available free of cost which you can download for android or smart phone. Here we are showing the latest version of GFX tool for PUBG mobile new update.

Note: The user does not have to root his/her Android device to use GFX tool. In addition, for your kind information we must inform you that you will not even get banned for using GFX tool PUBG for PUBG.

Step #1: First of all, Download and Install GFX tool APK from Google Play Store.

Step #2: Launch GFX tool.

Step #3: Now configure the settings where you can configure the Resolution, Graphic, FPS, Style, and other setting according to your requirement.

Step #4: Next, click to Accept and “Run Game”

Step #5: Now you can play PUBG mobile on your android with 60 FPS graphics. In this way, you will improve the performance of PUBG mobile game and it does not require enough time.

Everything is fine.


I hope that you have got all the information you need and it will improve the performance and experience of PUBG Mobile to 60FPS using GFX tool. After playing PUBG in 60FPS do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.

If you want to see the latest updates of PUBG mobile then you should keep visiting our website more often. Do you have to tell us anything new about PUBG mobile? If yes, tell us in the comment section.

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