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Play PUBG Mobile on PC Using Memu Emulator

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If you are a PUBG fan then you have gone through the live streaming of this game as well. When you see live streams, you get to know that most of the users play it on Android emulators.

If you also want to play PUBG mobile on PC, laptop and computer, Memu Android emulator is another choice for you to play. In this post, I am going to share with you the step by step guide to Play PUBG mobile on computer with the help of Memu play emulator.

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Minimum Requirements :

You need to ensure that your system has the following requirements. This will make sure the smoothest gameplay of PUBG Mobile on your laptop :

  • x86/x64 Processor (Intel or AMD CPU)
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  • Direct X 11 or Any Graphics Driver along with OpenGL 2.0
  • More than 2 GB of RAM
  • Minimum 3 GB of Free Space in Hard-disk

If your system is new then I am confident that you will have these required configurations. Even if you are using an old PC, you need to make sure that you fulfill all the requirements.

After matching the requirements, you are good to go.

PUBG Mobile on PC with Memu Play

Firstly, download and install the latest version of Memu play. Currently, the latest version, in my opinion, is 5.6.2 and you can get it by clicking here.

  • After downloading it, open the setup file after locating it to start the installation.
MemuPlay Installing
  • After completing the installation, Click on “Finish” button.
MemuPlay Installation Finish
  • Now Click the Launch Now button in order to launch the Memu Play Android Emulator
MemuPlay Installation Completed
  • It will take some time to load properly and it depends on your system specifications.
  • After loading, you will be redirected to the Home screen

Now, you can install PUBG Mobile on PC or Computer using Memu Play Emulator. There are 2 ways of doing it, firstly, you can download the application from Google play store or you need to get the APK file to upload the game data in OBB folder. So we are going to share both of them.

We prefer the second method because it is fast and easy in which you can transfer files in your Android with ease. If you will get it from Google play store then it will take some time due to the size of the file which is 1.7 GB. So, its your own choice, we are going to share both methods.

Installing PUBG Mobile in Memu Play From Google Play Store

  • Open Memu Play emulator and Click on “Play Store” icon.
MemuPlay After Installation
  • Now, Click on Sign in and Enter your Gmail data
playstore sign in
  • After logging in, you will be able to access play Store
  • Simply Type “PUBG” in the search bar and press enter.
download pubg from playstore
  • Now Click on “Install” to begin the Download process
  • After downloading, PUBG Game will be installed automatically.

Install PUBG Mobile on Memu Play Emulator With APK or Offline Method

  • Firstly, you need to get the latest .apk file of PUBG Mobile. You can download it from HERE
  • Now, you require “OBB Data”. This is Game Data which is available in a Folder named “”
  • If you have already installed PUBG Mobile on your Android phone, you can transfer this file from there. If not, you have to get this File from HERE
  • Connect your Android/Smartphone to your computer/laptop. Go to “Phone Storage” >> “Android” >> “obb” >> “com.tencent.ig”
  • Now Copy this Folder and the .apk file and Paste them on “Desktop”
  • Now this Folder and apk file, Should be moved to the “Memu Play Shared Download” Folder. Usually, you can find the folder here: “C:\Users\”PC Name”\Downloads\MEmu Download”
  • Paste the Folder and .apk file in this Folder
  • You can get access to these files using Memu Play by Opening the File Manager and visit the “Download” Folder
  • Firstly, you need to Install the .apk file by clicking on it
  • Click on “Install” to Start the Installation process & wait for the Installation to complete
  • After installation, you will come across “App Installed” Notification
  • Click on “Done”, Don’t click on “Open” Right Now
  • Now Go back to the “Download” Folder and Open the Folder named “com.tencent.ig”. You will see a file with title of “”.
  • You need to create a Folder named “Obb” under the “Android” folder and copy the “com.tencent.ig” folder to this new “Obb” Folder.

Note : In order to transfer files you have to Install “ES File Explorer”. When the transfer gets completed, you can start playing the game by clicking on PUBG Mobile.

That’s it. This is how you will play PUBG mobile on PC using Memuplay Android Emulator.

Conclusion : 

There are plenty of Android Emulators available in the Market which you can use to play PUBG Mobile on your Laptop or Personal Computer. Memu Play Android emulator is one of the top emulators which you should use.


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