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PUBG Mobile Season 6 Royal Pass Releasing Date: What’s New?

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As you know the PUBG season 5 is about to end and now the release date of PUBG Mobile season 6 has arrived. We have also discussed the topic of PUBG Mobile update or the latest version of PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 Beta which is available for you for testing.

If you play PUBG then you will know that every new season of PUBG mobile comes with a lot of skins, emotions and costumes. You can get all of them by completing your daily missions or purchase them too. After spending in-game USs, you can also purchase or buy PUBG Mobile Elite Royal pass option as well. We give preference to buy these options using real money. You will be able to get PUBG Mobile Royal Season 6 along with the new update of PUBG 0.11.5 and it will be releasing on 19th to 21st March. Usually, they launch the new season on 21st so we expect that 6th season will be live from 21st March 2019.

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So the question is what is new in PUBG Mobile season 6?

Do you know?

In order to know about it, you should go through the 1st year anniversary trailer of PUBG Mobile where you will find new costumes, skins and emotes etc. when you talk about PUBG Mobile season 6, you need to remember that new PUBG song is also coming along with this season. We want to tell you that this new song of PUBG is by Alan Walker and it will be in season 6.

There are rumors too that the next update of PUBG mobile will be known as PUBG mobile anniversary update 0.11.5. Furthermore, in order to celebrate this anniversary they are giving away free costumes for limited time.

As the new update of PUBG Mobile Royal pass season contains new update of 0.11.5, you will get new weapons for replacement. The new weapon is G36C assault rifle which has 5.56MM ammo and will replace Scar-L in Vikendi map. Erangel and Miramar will also get new environment and the rain and fog will randomly change. In Sanhok map, there will be a new vehicle that is, Tukshai. Zombie mode will also come across minor changes.

Apart from the previous changes, new avatars are also coming. It includes avatar frames and a new badge for PUBG Mobile season 6 royal and elite passes.

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Rewards:

  • Lucky Rabbit Set
  • L&Q Anniversary Set
  • New Parachute Skin when you reach Ace Level
  • 2 New Emotes
  • Golden m762 Skin
  • Elite Soldier Set

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